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Double Seat Movie Download Kickass (April-2022)




viewing** **6.** Set the children's bedtime routine on the basis of their own **Bedtime Rules** (see pages –), or on the basis of your own. (If you have got it all wrong, we are **_not_** trying to be mean.) **7.** On the basis of their own individual **Bedtime Routine,** make sure the children's routine does not interfere with yours, so that you can see whether the children are going to keep their bedtime for real, or whether it's just a bad habit you've noticed. **8.** If you have to intervene because the children are really or genuinely going to bed at a ridiculously late time, and you are not prepared to sit up with them until the sun comes up, make sure that you get them up in time to enjoy the day. You are then cleaning your house from the first minute of the day, and you can make sure it's all done by the children's bed time. This can be the basis for wonderful bedtime stories and games (see pages –). ## **Teaching New Skills** **1.** **Rhyme Time:** Silly rhymes are a useful way of introducing new words to the children (and you!) as they are listening to stories. If the children have not learnt the words, this will be a great way of improving their vocabulary. **2.** **The Wind in the Willows** (see pages –) will keep the children amused for many minutes if you read it to them in between meals. **3.** **Listening:** What better way of learning the words and the stories than by listening to them. In addition to the above, there



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Double Seat Movie Download Kickass (April-2022)

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